Can I upgrade at any time and how does it work?
You can upgrade or add-on services as you go along. You may not originally want a support package but decide to later on. You may move from a shared environment to a VPS to further secure your site. We can help and all you have to do, is contact our account manager and let them know of the upgrade you are looking for.
Do you have a large download file I can test your speed with?
We don't have a large file to test with, but we have a number of customers that use our systems without complaints and we host all of our own sites on our gear as well. We believe that if our systems are with the rest of the customers, we have a vested interest to server the fastest sites possible.
Can I see some of the websites you host?
Sure. We host all of our Spiffy Tech websites on our infrastructure, so you can also visit and as well. This site is also hosted on the same infrastructure as well. Feel free to visit some of our other sites like and our friends at
What forms of payment do you accept?
We are currently accepting PayPal, all major Credit Cards, and mail-in check as well. We do have some ACH options as well upon request.
Are your servers Linux-, or Windows-based?
We actually have both. In order to maintain the system requirements for customers across different hosting platforms, that we deploy both Linux and Windows Servers to accomplish requirements like SQL Server, IIS, Apache, MySQL, and more.
Do you offer a web-based control panel for my site?
Yes we do depending on the situation. For our shared and dedicated customers, we have deployed Hosting Controller Control Panel to help manage the systems, services, and sites. For our VPS Customers, we have an add-on option for Control Panels so that you can choose from Plesk, cPanel, or Hosting Controller for an additional fee per month.
How long will it take to setup my account?
Depending on the services, it can be almost immediately to a couple of hours. Most of our servers are built into images to allow for quick deployment but will always need final customization and provisioning. CMS websites can be deployed in a matter of minutes to get you going and designing quickly.
Can I purchase additional bandwidth or disk space?
Since we are a company that does not cap the bandwidth, that there is no upgrade for that but you can certainly purchase additional Disk Space. If you are a VPS customer, you can also purchase additional specifications like Memory (RAM) or Computing Power (CPU's) to make sure your system operates how you want it.
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